Royal Baby: Prince Albert And Princess Charlene Of Monaco Expecting First Child

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco are expecting their first baby together.

A statement from the royal palace announced the news, calling Charlene's pregnancy a 'happy event'.

The short but sweet statement read: "Prince Albert and Princess Charlene have the immense joy to announce they are expecting a happy event. The birth is due at the end of the year."

Prince Albert, 56, and Princess Charlene, 36, a South African former Olympic swimmer, married in 2011.

Following the wedding - which saw Charlene cry as she took her vows - she addressed rumours she had tried to run away from the wedding.

She said: "Everything was just so overwhelming and there were all the mixed emotions because of the rumours, and obviously the tension built up and I burst into tears.

'And then I burst into tears some more because I was thinking 'Oh no, now the whole world has seen me cry''."

Settling into married life, Charlene made no secret of her desire to start a family. Last year she told South African newspaper Sunday World: "Now I'm settled and I think kids will come. I don't put any pressure on myself."

The new arrival will be Charlene's first baby. Prince Albert has two children - 22-year-old daughter Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, and 10-year-old son Alexandre Coste.