14/08/2014 12:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

School Bans Girls From Prom For Inappropriate Dresses

Girls' fury at prom ban over revealing dresses

Two mums are considering taking a high school to court after their daughters were turned away from their prom for wearing 'inappropriate' dresses.

The girls, Nyasia Mitchell, 19, and Laneisha Williams, 18, were prohibited from entering the party at the Mt Healthy High School in Cincinnati, Ohio, for violating the prom dress code – something they both deny.

Speaking to ABC 9, outraged Laneisha said she had even tried to moderate her look in the hope she would be let in.

"They told me my top was inappropriate, so I offered to button the jacket I had on," the upset teen said. "Then they said my skirt was too short, but it came to my knees so I don't feel like it was too short."

Her friend Nyasia was also denied entry and told that her white and pink strapless dress was unsuitable for the event.

The girls' parents were left fuming at the school's decision to bar the girls from the party – despite having been sent a letter before the event informing them of the dress codes in place.

Danielle Mitchell said Nyasia looked 'marvellous' in her $350 dress, and that she had helped her choose it. She said it was 'crazy' that the school had refused to let her in. She added that she had shelled out a whopping $500 in total preparing for the prom night.

Laneisha's mother said she was 'furious' and asked of the school: 'Who are you to tell my daughter that her skirt is too short? I'm the mother.'

The school's head, Marlon Styles Jr, said the school stood by it's decision and that the girls were not properly attired for the event.

"No school in the country would allow kids in dressed like that," he said.

He said it was the girls' responsibility - and that of their parents - to comply with the dress code which had been made clear to them before the prom, particularly the fact that 'inappropriate dresses that are too short in length or reveal excess cleavage will not be permitted'. He further told ABC 9 that girls were allowed to have 'no curvature of the breast showing'.

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