14/08/2014 12:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

School Bans Kids From Twerking At Dance

It's the 'craze' that just won't go away, and now one high school has made its students sign a contract to promise not to do it at the school dance.

No, not smoking behind the bike sheds, or bringing in a sneaky shandy, but TWERKING,

So concerned are staff at the Annapolis High School in Maryland about the Miley Cyrus inspired dance moves that they've written home to parents making it clear that it's one shape kids will NOT be throwing on the homecoming dance floor.

The Mail reports that the letter told mums and dads that children were not to take to grinding, intimate touching or dancing with their buttocks touching or in the air.

Students and their parents had to sign the agreement in order to attend the dance. Any pupils seen flouting the ban would be removed from the event.

Annapolis is reportedly not the only school implementing an anti-twerking contract either, with nine of the 12 high schools in the same area making their students agree to some sort of dancing contract.

One student said she doubted her mum and dad even knew what twerking was before the school brought it to their attention.

'I know my parents would never know what that was, but now they know what twerking is,' embarrassed student Bailey Greene told WJZ...