14/08/2014 16:58 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

School Bans Pupils From Wearing Skirts


A school has banned pupils from wearing skirts after they fought a losing battle to stop girls shortening their hemlines.

From September, both boys and girls at Diss High School will have to wear trousers. In addition, children in Year 7 to 11 will be banned from wearing make-up.

Defending the decision headteacher Jan Hunt told her local paper: "Girls already wear trousers at Diss High School. The reason the school is making this compulsory is the tendency for some girls to wear really short skirts.

"Hemlines have risen to a level that is both impractical as well as immodest.

"Inevitably, this decision is popular with some parents and not with others."

She added: "The same responses would be true for pupils. Financial support will be offered to parents to support this transition."

Norfolk County Council spokesman said: "In terms of uniform policy that is not something we administer, it is purely down to the school to make that decision."

But local councillor Florence Ellis, a former teacher, spoke out against the ban.

She said: "I think that setting rules and regulations is good for parents and students, adhering to them is preparation for life.

"We lost shirts and ties to polo shirts and sweatshirts thus lowering standards.

"They should be maintaining the rules that have been successful in the past, like monitoring skirt lengths, rather than an overall ban.

"By not conforming to rules and regulations in something like the length of a skirt can lead at a later date to disregard for rules/law and order and may encourage anti social behaviour.

"What if there are parents or students who are against wearing trousers for religious reasons?

"What happens when it gets to summer and girls no longer want to wear trousers in the heat? Are they going to have to wear shorts?

"I wonder has the school really thought this through."