14/08/2014 16:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

School Cancels Sports Day 'For Security Reasons'

School cancels sports day 'for security reasons'

A school has apologised to parents after it banned them from the end-of-year sports day 'for security reasons'.

Parents were left outraged after receiving an email from Bottisham Village College's PE department, which said the event would be 'a closed event due to security reasons, and unfortunately parents are not invited to attend'.

One mum told the Cambridge News: "I was surprised to receive this brief email saying that the school sports day at Bottisham Village college was a closed event. It really didn't explain very much.

"I wouldn't have minded if resources were an issue and they didn't have the staff. If they needed extra help from the parents we could have been there to help but weren't asked.

"My child has previously attended the local primary school which has always laid on an 'open' sports day - even the national institution which is the parents' race."

However, after the paper contacted the school, principal Kate Evans said: "Our practice has always been to welcome parents to sports days and this will continue to be the case. The message was sent out in error."

And then, in a further twist after all the kerfuffle, the event was cancelled anyway – because of the heatwave.

Mrs Evans said: "In light of the exceptionally high temperatures forecast, we decided to postpone Sports Day until September."