14/08/2014 16:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

School Sends 30 Kids Home For Not Following School Uniform Rules

Yet another school has hit the headlines for sending children home for not adhering to uniform policy.

Ebbsfleet Academy in Kent sent 30 pupils home for flouting dress codes last Friday, in a move which some parents claim left children 'wandering the streets'.

The 600-strong school was accused of 'shoving kids out of the door' for breaking rules on makeup, handbags, and shoes that were not entirely black.

One parent told the Kent News Shopper that his 13-year-old son was sent home just because his Kickers shoes had a small coloured brand-name tag on them - meaning they were not totally black.

Kevin Cloke, 37, told the paper that he got a text message from the school telling him his son was on his way home - meaning he had to rush back from work to let him in to the house.

"I had Charlie and six other pupils outside my house. Five of them were girls and it was raining and they had no coats," Mr Cloke said.

"Where were they going to go if their parents were at work? It was absolutely bucketing it down and it's not fair to have kids wandering the streets."

Kevin and his wife Maria, 35, refused to cut the tag from their son's shoes or colour over it, because, they said, it would make them harder to sell on in order to raise the cash to buy an all-black pair. They subsequently kept Charlie off school yesterday.

Another parent claims her 15-year-old daughter was sent home for having penciled-on eyebrows and sporting a handbag instead of a proper schoolbag.

"I just think it's pathetic. It's the same bag she has had all last year and if she can fit everything in there then that's all that matters," said Sarah Newsom, 39.

The school's head Alison Colwell said she was sorry she was not able to contact all parents before sending kids home on Friday, but that she could not be responsible for the fact it was raining.

"There were a couple of regrettable instances where messages were left as phones were not picked up," she said. "I have apologised unreservedly to a parent whom that happened to. It is academy policy absolutely to contact parents or carers before students are sent away for any reason and we take our duty of care very seriously."

She said that the school's dress code was available to read on the school's website, and that all parents had been given a copy of it last July.

"The vast majority of parents have been offering unequivocal support for the school and its rules," she said. "A handful are not happy but we have rules and we have been enforcing them."