14/08/2014 12:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

School Tells Lesbian Couple To Divorce Or Remove Their Child From School

Married Lesbian couple told to divorce or remove their child from his private school

A lesbian couple have been told to split up or remove their child from his private school.

The women, Kally and Samantha Made, have been ordered to take their five-year-old son out of the school in South Africa for 'his own good', after being told the establishment did not 'cater' for their 'type of people'.

The outraged mums, who are married and have been living openly as a same-sex couple since their wedding, told reporters that they specifically chose the unnamed school for their child because of its Christian ethos and their desire for their son to learn 'as God taught us'.

They claim that when their little boy announced to his teachers that he had 'two mothers', the school issued them with an ultimatum - to divorce, or remove their son.

The Independent reports that following a meeting last week with the school principal and pastor, Kally Mabe - who is the boy's biological mother - says she was told by the school that if they had known about the family's circumstances, they would have never have offered the child a place.

Kally said she and Samantha had filled in the parents' details section of the school registration form with two 'Mrs', making it clear they were a couple.

The distraught mum said that after the meeting she was left shaking in the school car park.

"I sat in the parking lot after meeting, shaking," she said, "I was angry. I told these people who I am."

The couple have refused to take their son out of the school, and have decided to start legal action.