14/08/2014 16:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Schoolboy Hanged Himself While 'Messing About' With His School Tie

Schoolboy hanged himself while 'messing about' with his school tie

A schoolboy who was 'messing about' with his school tie was found hanged by his mum.

Ritchie Allsop, 13, from Sheffield, was 'daft' and 'silly', according to his mum, Lisa Brown, and was always playing with his tie.

She told an inquest that her son had been arguing with his sister Skye, 11, before the death and his new mobile phone had ended up in a sink of water.

He retrieved the phone and tried to dry it out but was later found dead by his mum when she arrived home from work.

Lisa, 41, told Sheffield Coroner's Court that 'hyperactive' Ritchie would often lie on his bed playing about with the tie.

She said: "I found out after the event that the tie had already been suspended on his bottom bunk. He often used to put his legs in it and his neck and mess about. It had been there for a while."

She had earlier said that Skye told her Ritchie used to play around with the tie 'all the time' and the girl had told him off over fears he would hurt himself.

"The way I found him I think he's just slipped while he's been messing," she said. "He was hyperactive, he was continually talking about rubbish. He was interested in everything that went on and everything around him. He was just daft and silly and always laughing.

"Sometimes he would get stressed out and kick off but he was full of life. He had lots of friends. He would have spoken to me or his elder brother Jamie if anything was worrying him."

She said her son had no reason to hurt himself, he had never tried to hang himself in the past and he had never spoken to anyone of self-harming.

A 16-year-old friend of Ritchie said he had had just changed schools but never mentioned any problems with bullying.

He said Ritchie 'used to do pull-ups' with the tie.

Assistant deputy coroner Louise Slater said there was 'absolutely' no evidence of suicide and she added: "I don't think we have established exactly what was going on."

She recorded a narrative verdict which said: "Ritchie Allsop died as a consequence of suspension by ligature at his home. There is no indication how he came to be in that position and intention remains wholly unclear."