Schoolgirl Chatterbox Has Mouth Taped Shut By Teacher

A classroom 'chatterbox' had her mouth taped shut by a teacher - because she wouldn't stop talking.

Elise Smith, 11, was made to sit with Sellotape over her lips for 15 minutes. Her furious dad, Marc, has complained about the punishment at William Allitt School in Swadlincote, Derbyshire.

He told his local paper: "The children were all talking in class and were told to be quiet, but my daughter kept on talking.

"He should just have sent her out. You cannot lay a finger on children.

"I was at work when it happened, but my daughter told me when I got home and the next morning I went to the school. I was fuming."

Mr Smith, from Woodville, Derbyshire, added: "The teacher apologised but has not been punished enough, in my opinion, because he didn't get suspended and is still working at that school.

"I heard about teachers in another school doing it and they were suspended, so why not here?"

Jean Mead, chair of governors at William Allitt School, said: "The welfare of pupils is always our top priority. This was a misguided action rather than a malicious one.

"It happened in December last year. It shouldn't have taken place under any circumstances - the teacher immediately regretted his actions and apologised.

"We worked alongside the local authority to carry out a thorough investigation and appropriate action was taken."