14/08/2014 12:54 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Schoolgirl's Message In A Bottle Turns Up In Norway - 20 Years Later

Message in a bottle washed up on beach

When 12-year-old schoolgirl Lucy Elliott threw a message in a bottle into the sea while on a family holiday in Cornwall in 1994, she obviously had no idea that she would be a 31-year-old mum of two by the time she got a reply.

Nineteen years after 'bored' Lucy penned her note on Just 17 magazine headed notepaper, a Norwegian couple have found the bottle washed up among rocks on a beach 750 miles away.

They contacted a newspaper in Lucy's home town in the hope of finding her.

Lucy had been combing the shoreline in Looe, Cornwall, looking for a lost bracelet when she decided to write the letter all those years ago.

The full-time mum now lives in Northants, and was shocked to see an appeal in her old local paper asking her to get in touch.

She told the Coventry Telegraph that she was 'stunned' the bottle had been found.

"I can remember writing the letter like it was yesterday," she said.

Although the letter is faded, the words are still legible, reading:

"Dear friend. My name is Lucy Elliot and I am 12 years old. I was born 1982 and I have brown thick wavy hair. Please write to me if you receive this letter. I live in England, Coventry. I threw this letter out to sea from (unreadable). The date today is the 19th September 1994. My address is: Ferrers Close, Tile Hill North, Coventry. I have 2 cats, 1 brother. Please write back. From a bored 12 year old girl."

Kurt Haaland, who found the bottle while walking with his wife, said it had 'really captured their imagination' and that they were keen to write back to Lucy.