14/08/2014 12:42 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Setting A Friend Up On A Date: Five Things That Happen When You Matchmake

Sometimes we all fancy ourselves a matchmaker. We reckon we know exactly what our friends are looking for in a significant other just because, well, we're mates.

So when two of your pals happen to be single at the same time, you're all over setting them up on a date, and before they can possibly refuse you've already made a reservation for two at Pizza Express.

setting friends up on a date

But don't start doing any setting up until you've read these unavoidable truths about setting someone up on a date...

1. You convince yourself you're Cilla Black. Just because you happen to have two single mates who are both free on Wednesday evening after work does not make you Cupid. No matter how hard to try to assure yourself.

2. You become a virtual third wheel. Rather than leaving your dater and datee to their, er, date you demand updates from both parties via text/whatsapp/Facebook even Twitter. You'll call one of them up knowing full well their mid candlelit dinner and say: "Oh shit sorry, I totally forgot you were out with Julio tonight... But while you're on the line, how's it going?" Your conversation is cut short by the dial tone. Yup, she totally hung up on you.

3. You ask prying and probably inappropriate questions. "Look man, I made this thing happen so I'm well within my rights to ask exactly what went on."

4. Come the second date you start planning their wedding. They had one date and decided they wanted to see each other again, so you start shopping around for hats and buying bridal magazines. You'll start debating whether penis straws at hen dos are tacky or fun with your work colleagues.

5. When it goes wrong you feel like your heart's been ripped out. When the pair decide to call things off you're more upset than the both of them put together (multiplied by 100). You're so upset, you debate whether you'll need to go into bereavement counselling.

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