Sharing Scan Photos On Facebook

Pregnant woman holding scan
Pregnant woman holding scan

How did you announce your pregnancy? Phone family and friends? Carve it into pumpkins like McFly's Tom Fletcher, or like more and more women these days, by posting the ultrasound scan photo on social media?

AVG's CEO JR Smith said, "It's shocking to think that a 30-year-old has an online footprint stretching back 10-15 years at most, while the vast majority of children today will have online presence by the time they are two-years-old - a presence that will continue to build throughout their whole lives."

I don't find that shocking at all - the reason a 30-year-old only has a 10-15 year footprint is because the internet has only really been around for 20-odd years.

I do however agree that, as Smith says, we "are creating a digital history for a human being that will follow him or her for the rest of their life. What kind of footprint do you actually want to start for your child, and what will they think about the information you've uploaded in future?"

It's certainly something to consider before you scan and share that pregnancy pic.

What do you think?