14/08/2014 12:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Shellys Shoes Relaunch: Five Nineties Trends You Hope Don't Make A Comeback

The Nineties grunger's footwear of choice - Shellys Shoes - is back! And we're quaking in our Carvela flats.

We thought we'd said so long, farewell, aufidersen, goodnight (etc, etc...) to the brand's signature tread soles and buckles in 1997, but it's back with a vengeance at Asos.
nineties footwear makes a comeback

While we're totally onboard with most of the Nineties trends resurrected this year, these can stay dead and buried along with the following...

1. Inflatable backpacks
They were cool when you were eight and you had the blow-up armchair to match, but leave them in the past with your chart show cassette tape recordings.

inflatable backpacks

2. Oval tinted sunglasses
Why? We'll let Mary-Kate and Ashley answer that for us.

mary-kate and ashley olsen sporting tinted shades

3. Union Jack print
Sure we wanted Geri's dress way back when but now, now Union Jack print on ANYTHING is uber tacky. Even bunting doesn't sit well with us.

geri halliwell's union jack print minidress

4. Butterfly clips
These are not for grown ups. And we are - to borrow a Mail Online phrase favourite - all grown up now. Stay away. Especially from the glittery ones.

butterfly clips from etsy

5. Bandannas, diamante and everything J-Lo is wearing in this picture
Enough said.

jennifer lopez sporting a bandanna

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