14/08/2014 12:54 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Simon Cowell's Baby Birth No Show - Why Every Man Should Be There

Closeup of father with sleeping baby

TV mogul Simon Cowell says he won't be there to witness the birth of his baby, due in February. Asked in a US radio interview whether he would be attending the arrival of his first born, believed to be a boy, by girlfriend Lauren Silverman, he said: "Are you out of your mind? There are certain things you shouldn't see and that is one of them."

As a father of two boys it seems to me that Cowell would not only be losing out if he isn't there at the birth, but might be letting down his partner too. There are several reasons why I believe every man, including the X Factor supremo, should be there to face the music.

Firstly, from what he says in the interview, it seems that he is squeamish about having to watch all that 'messy business' in the delivery room. Perhaps he also thinks that it doesn't exactly add to the romance of a relationship to see your partner going through the whole painful process.

Well I have news for him. I haven't yet met a pregnant woman who was really looking forward to labour or all the associated gore and goo either. In fact I would say that most are very nervous about it indeed.

But, of course, they don't have a choice. I reckon that, as the man, you are 50Slideshow-83805%