14/08/2014 12:39 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Six Kids Movies You Should Definitely Watch Now

Now we're all grown ups, we're meant to watch films like Magnolia and Reservoir Dogs and "that great indie film, with what's his face, showing in a disused car park in Shoreditch". But deep down we all just want to go to the nearest cinema complex and watch a film with a happy ending made for children.

And guess what? There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, we encourage you to watch the following kids flicks because they really are excellent no matter what age you are...

1. Tangled, 2010
It's the story of Rapunzel but with the addition of a chameleon and a very important frying pan. Don't ask us to explain, jut trust us it's worth a watch... Or 10! Warning: this flick will make you never want to cut your (magic?) hair ever again.


2. The Little Mermaid, 1989
Perhaps this was your favourite Disney movie as a kid? It was certainly ours. The songs are brilliant and Eric has to be THE best looking Disney dude (sorry Aladdin). But watching it as an adult is a whole different ball game. For example, there's definitely some sexual tension between King Triton and Ursula.

the little mermaid

3. Mrs Doubtfire, 1993
Remember when Robin Williams, Mara Wilson and Sally Field were in everything? Those were the days. Mrs Doubtfire hails from a time when children's films were simpler but packed full with jokes for the parents. You probably missed these and didn't appreciate the "Dude Looks Like A Lady" montage when you were six but you will now. PS Sally Field is the best film mum ever.

mrs doubtfire

4. Despicable Me, 2010
Steve Carell + Jason Segel x Julie Andrews = a real stellar cast. It's so good, one IMBD reviewer gave it 10 stars, saying: "It is amazing! It is charming without being corny; hilarious without resorting to stupid pop-culture references... The movie is incredibly intelligent. The jokes are dead on and VERY imaginative." Well said. We agree.

despicable me

5. Mary Poppins, 1964
Watch Mary Poppins again and you come to the shocking realisation that Dick Van Dyke plays not only Bert, the loveable chimney sweep with the worst cockney accent known to man, but that old dude in the bank too. Wowzers. Also, you still remember all the words to all the songs so you can sing-a-long to your heat's content.

mary poppins

6. Toy Story, 1995
Apart from the fact Tom Hanks is like our favourite actor like ever, Toy Story pretty much proves your stuffed animals, army men and etch-a-sketch were really alive... And what's more their lives were more dramatic than an EastEnders Christmas storyline.

toy story