Size 10 Woman Gives Birth To Surprise Baby - No Weight Gain And 'Periods' Throughout Pregnancy

A woman who was a svelte size 10 gave birth to a surprise baby just hours after being discharged from hospital with back pain. It's these types of tales that terrify me.

Sophie Aldridge, 20, from Dover, had no idea she was expecting her first baby when she woke in the night with bad back pain.

She put the aches down to period pain but was taken into William Harvey Hospital in Ashford by her mum when her condition deteriorated. She was given an anti-sickness injection and sleeping tablets and sent home.

Hours after arriving home, Sophie was rushed to hospital by ambulance. On the way, paramedics dropped the mother of all bombshells – she was pregnant. And in labour.

Less than half an hour after arriving at A&E, Sophie gave birth to her son, Thomas, who weighed in at a healthy 5lb, 8oz.

Sophie continued to have periods throughout her pregnancy, and remained a size 10 - as this remarkable photo of Sophie seven months pregnant shows.

The new mum, who works as a carer and lives at home, said: "My period was due that day so I assumed that was why I was having such bad pains.

"I know it might sound really stupid to some people, but I literally had no idea I was pregnant - I didn't have any symptoms. I didn't get morning sickness, I stayed wearing my size 10 clothes, I had regular periods throughout the pregnancy and I didn't have any cravings.

"I was still wearing crop-tops and mini skirts, I didn't have a bump or anything. Because I had no idea I was pregnant, I was still going out and getting drunk with my friends.

"So to give birth there and then, like I did, was absolutely terrifying. It was a big shock to everyone when I suddenly arrived home with a baby."

Speaking about the moment paramedics told her she was in labour, Sophie said: "Everything was just so quick I didn't really have time to gauge what was happening. I was only in labour for 30 minutes."

Family and friends have rallied around Sophie and Thomas, whom the proud new mum describes as a 'miracle'.

"When I gave birth I didn't even have a nappy to my name, let alone clothes or a pram or cot," added Sophie. "When I came home from hospital my friends and family had come together and donated nearly everything me and Thomas needed, which was so kind.

"In a way, I'm so glad it all happened - I wouldn't change Thomas for the world now. I like to call him my little miracle."