14/08/2014 16:43 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Skin Breakout: Five Things That Happen When You've Got A Spot

Ah shiz! You've woken up with spot - and it's not just any spot, it's an absolute crater. Your life is officially over, and unless you can brush your hair into a style which will adequately cover your breakout you might as well just tap out until your face is back to normal.

While it may not bring on the end of the world as we know it, here are five things that will happen when you're suffering with a breakout...

1. You turn to Google. "How to get rid of spots fast," you frantically tap into your iPhone keypad before smearing an entire tube of toothpaste on your face and surprising yourself with a monologue straight out of Shakespeare. "Out, damned spot! Out, I say!" you wail at your sorry-looking reflection in the mirror as if your life is as disastrous as Lady Macbeth's. It's not. You need to get over yourself. But you just can't right now, okay?!

2. You go against every beauty tip you've ever read. Yes, you know that you're not meant to cake pimples with concealer, followed by tinted moisturiser, followed by more concealer, followed by foundation, followed by powder and maybe followed by a little more concealer. But there's no chance in hell you're leaving the house with this red monstrosity au naturelle.

3. You make things worse. In a bid to get rid of your spots you pick, you prod and you don't give the bugger a chance to go away on its own. The result? It's still on your face a week later. Rather than leaving it be, you're considering going into hiding until it decides to vacate the premises AKA your face.

4. You can't look at anyone. You've got a mega important meeting at work, you've got to do a presentation. But no one can hear you with your notepad casually (read: awkwardly) held in front of your spotty grill. Then you get fired. Alright alright, it's nowhere near that bad, but people are weirded out by your sudden zero eye contact approach.

5. You fashion a hairdo to cover your spots. Styling in a makeshift fringe has become your forte since the start of your breakout... Unfortunately plaiting the ends of your hair into a beard of sorts (to cover the chin pimple) isn't a good look.

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