14/08/2014 16:54 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Soap Actress Scarred For Life After Thug Glassed Her In Street

Baby-death actress scarred for life after thug glassed her in street

Soap-actress Yvette Gill has been left scarred for life after a thug glassed her in the street as she begged him to stop hassling a group of girls.

To add to the star's trauma, the vile attack happened on the anniversary of the death of her baby daughter.

Yvette Gill, who has appeared in Coronation Street, The Body Farm and Mount Pleasant, is now asking for anyone who knows the attacker to come forward.

She told the Mirror: "He's dangerous and must be off the streets."

Yvette, 31, had been out with friends when she asked the man to leave a group of girls alone in a phone box. She said the attacker then crossed over to her side of the road, and struck the side of her head with a bottle.

The actress said it 'sounded like a bomb going off' in her ear as the bottle disintegrated. She was left needing 15 stitches to the wound and plastic surgery.

Now, months later, scans have revealed she needs more surgery to repair breaks in her jaw.

"They told me they would have to open up the side of my face from the ear lobe and I would have to have physiotherapy for the rest of my life. And they couldn't rule out that my jaw wasn't cracked or broken in another place until they operated," she told the Mail.

Yvette added that the assault and now the ongoing treatment has left her having to take time off work, and affected her family life.

She said the impending surgery means she is unable to go and watch her son Tom - who just signed a scholarship for Huddersfield Town - play his football matches.

The attack happened in April, when Yvette, who is from Bradford, West Yorkshire, went out with her friends to take her mind off the poignant date - the death of her baby daughter, Maria, who died just hours after her birth in 2006.