14/08/2014 16:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

'Sordid' Married Music Teacher Jailed For Sex Sessions With Teenage Boys

'Sordid' married music teacher jailed for sex sessions with teenage boys

A 'sordid and adulterous' married music teacher has been jailed after she plied two boys with alcohol and had sex sessions with them.

Mother-of-three Jennifer Philp-Parsons, 45, invited the 16-year-olds to parties at her house. She had sex with one boy in the living room while her husband slept upstairs.

On another occasion she slept with two different boys in the space of one hour while her husband was away.

Police believe she may have seduced other pupils and Judge Francis Gilbert QC told Exeter Crown Court the teacher was 'sordid and adulterous'.

He told her she had committed 'very serious offences involving seducing two of the students in your school in your own home for your own sexual gratification'.

The judge added: "On the first occasion you plied them with drink when your husband was upstairs.

"On the second you had sexual intercourse with both boys in a short space of time ... You have left a trail of destruction and significant distress for a number of people."

The court heard how Philp-Parsons, who was head of music at a school in Devon, became the 16-year-olds' favourite teacher, befriending them during lessons.

After gaining their trust she hosted parties at her home in Exmouth, where she would provide her pupils with alcohol.

It was during one of these house parties that she first had sex with a pupil. At another party at her home just weeks later, drinking games took place and Philp-Parsons had sex with two boys in succession.

Philp-Parsons was arrested at the school after a member of the public reported rumours to the police.

She initially denied the charges but confessed during a second interview.

The court was told that she refused to recognise the gravity of her situation even after her arrest and continued to send text messages to one of the 16-year-olds.

One read: "Hi darling, I have missed you lots."

Another said: "Please forgive me."

Defending the teacher, Richard Crabb said: "She was experiencing difficulties in her marriage, she felt lonely and isolated at home.

"She began to look for friendship and support from her students which was a foolish and dangerous thing to do."

One of the boys' families said they had been left 'heartbroken, utterly shocked and disgusted by her lust and sexual needs' and said it 'was every parent's worst nightmare'.

The other victim's family said they had been left 'sick, devastated and destroyed by her selfish and perverted needs'.

Philp-Parsons admitted three counts of sexual activity with males aged between 13 and 17 while in a position of trust.

Her husband of 18 years was in court as she was sentenced to 30 months in jail.

A police source said: "We think there may be more victims out there and would urge them to come forward to talk to us."