Spider-Man Andrew Garfield Surprises Schoolchildren

Andrew Garfield has proven his superhero credentials by surprising schoolchildren while dressed as his red and blue alter ego.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 actor donned the famous all-in-all suit for a trip to the children's charity Kids' City – a project which provides after-school care and activities for young children living in south London.

Andrew spent time playing netball with a group of children, and then toured the Kids' City complex.

The Spidey star was a huge hit with children and volunteers, and rounded off his visit with some well-deserved pizza with his new friends.

Andrew is currently in London to promote his new movie, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which sees him don the webbed suit for the second time when the Spider-Man sequel hits the big screen on April 16.

The 30-year-old actor is back as Peter Parker alongside his on-screen - and off-screen - love interest Emma Stone, who plays character Gwen Stacy.

We'll say 'love interest' rather than 'girlfriend' judging by his reaction to the reporter on the video below...