14/08/2014 12:57 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

State By State: Names Of First Babies Born In America 2014 Reveal It's The Year Of The 'Y'

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Y, oh, Y, oh, Y...have so many parents in the States given their newborn babies names containing the letter, er, Y?

Every year brings a different trend, and according to a survey of the first babies born in every state in America in the opening minutes of 2014, this year it's the penultimate letter in the alphabet (last year, it was K, as in Yours Truly!).

It's all part of a the desire of parents to be different, according to

Why have a boring old 'i' or 'a' in your kyddy's name when you can have a 'y' (see what Y dyd there?).

Thus, boring old Nathan becomes Naythyn Lee and Riley becomes Rylee.

But then in a further twyst to be dyfferent, Gwyneth (as in Paltrow) has been re-styled Gwineth by the parents of a baby girl born just after midnight in Alabama. In fact, so strong is parents' desire for a name that stands out from the crowd that out of all the first-born names registered in the 50 states, only one repeated itself – Brooklyn (as in Beckham), given to a child born in Colorado at 12:03am, as well as a girl born in Maryland at 12:07am.

Some of the VERY unique ones include Prantison, a baby boy born at 12:47am in Hawaii, and Maine-born McKenlee Grace.

Fashion inspired one Connecticut couple to name their daughter, born just after midnight, Dior. And names with ethnic origins are also rife on the list.

Hebrew-originated Malakai and Nickali, for instance, twin boys born in Florida just after midnight. And New York-born baby girl Tenzin Choetso was given a name with Tibetan origins.

A spokesperson for NameCandy said: "If last year's letter of the year was K, we're calling this one for Team Y.

"(But) what struck us about the First 50 is their diversity. Hardly a name is repeated, and very few appear in the current U.S. top 10.

"Instead, we find place names, surnames, and names representing cultures from all over the world. Kansas's New Year Baby, for example, is Sa Aht. He's the son of Burmese parents who grew up in Thailand but are now proud new American citizens."

However, the website's followers didn't exactly applaud the new convention for unusual names.

A woman called Lara Jane wrote: "Wow. Some of these are just awful. I won't single out any of the poor babes but I wonder what on earth some of their parents were thinking!! :("

And another commenter wrote: "These parents have no idea how they are burdening their children. They will have to spell their name every day to someone for their entire lives. #fail"

But they're not all weird! Personally, my favourites are boys born to parents in
South Dakota and Tennesse: Sam and Evan. They just happen to be the names of my youngest son and his best mate!


Alabama: Gwineth

Alaska: Easton

Arizona: Vivianna

Arkansas: Logan O'Bryan

California: Milan (girl)

Colorado: Brooklyn

Connecticut: Dior (girl)

Delaware: Autumn Kaylee

Florida: Malakai; Nickali

Georgia: Aarav (boy)

Hawaii: Prantison (boy)

Idaho: Devin Paul

Illinois: Luis Anthony

Indiana: Julius Wade

Iowa: Nash David

Kansas: Sa Aht (boy)

Kentucky: Maya

Louisiana: Victoria

Maine: McKenlee Grace

Maryland: Brooklyn Jane

Massachusetts: Dante Joseph

Michigan: Elias Manuel

Minnesota: Danielle

Mississippi: Not yet named (boy)

Missouri: Margot

Montana: Fletcher

Nebraska: Adilyn Jean

Nevada: Danika Ruth

New Hampshire: Luke Micah

New Jersey: Lily Isabella

New Mexico: Victor

New York: Tenzin Choetso (girl) Shannon-Lee (girl)

North Carolina: Cameron Andrew

North Dakota: Layla Rose

Ohio: Korbin Michael

Oklahoma: Rowan

Oregon: Naythyn Lee

Pennsylvania: Marissa Lilliana-Rose

Rhode Island: Watson Yili

South Carolina: Karl

South Dakota: Sam (boy)

Tennessee: Evan

Texas: Ella Elizabeth and Zane Huesca,

Utah: Anthony John and May Shelly

Vermont: Levi Michael

Virginia: Name not released

Washington: Declan Christian

Washington, D.C.: Brandon (his twin, Lorraine, was born five minutes earlier - in 2013!)

West Virginia: Rylee Scott (boy)

Wisconsin: Mason Henry

Wyoming: Emery (girl)