Stranger Fulfils 4-Year-Old's Dream Of Being A Flower Girl

A little girl who dreamt of being part of a wedding finally got her wish after standing at her local town hall with a sign reading 'Can I be your flower girl?'

Annabelle Earl, a four-year-old from Brooklyn, New York, decided she wanted to be in a wedding party when her number one wish - to get her own pet unicorn - ran into an obvious obstacle.

Undaunted, she redirected her energy into her second big ambition - becoming a flower girl. She had heard about the excitement and fun of a wedding from her babysitter's daughter, who recently attended a ceremony herself.

At first, her mum Kim tried to let her down gently, explaining that the family didn't know anyone who was getting married. But Annabelle was determined not to let that stop her, and kept coming back to the subject until Kim was struck by inspiration.

Kim took Annabelle down to the City Hall in Manhattan dressed in a fancy pink-and-white frock and lacy gloves, along with an adorable homemade sign which read: 'Can I be your flower girl?'.

Like all good workmen, she even provided her own tools of the trade - a fragrant bouquet of pink and purple roses.

"People get married every day at City Hall, so maybe someone would want a flower girl," Kim explained to the New York Daily News.

Kim's hunch proved to be a winner. While the first bride Annabelle approached was already taken care of in the flower girl department, the second couple she asked said yes.

"She was too adorable to say no to, and we thought it would be fun to make her day as well as ours," the unnamed bride told NBC.

Annabelle performed her duties - handing the bride her bouquet - with panache, although Kim had to hold her when nerves got the better of her (the groom was surely sympathetic).

While Annabelle may not have made it to the cake-cutting stage of the day, her mum rewarded her for her star turn with a bun from the bakery.

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