14/08/2014 12:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Students' Fake Tans Ruin Mattresses

A fed-up landlord has said his fake tan obsessed student tenants are costing him thousands as they repeatedly stain their mattresses with product residue.

Cardiff based letting agent John Winter has been forced to start using different kinds of mattress to try and combat the ongoing problem of unsightly orange and brown stains on his beds.

One of his employees, Joe Harris, said the issue first came to light about four years ago, when they realised their custom-made pocket-sprung mattresses were being ruined as fake tan rubbed off the tenants bodies and through the sheets.

"John [the owner] didn't have a clue what the strange orange marks were," Mr Harris told the BBC. "They were roughly body shaped and you could see the wrist, ankle and shoulder areas."

He said that his boss is now trying to 'educate' students, and warn them that their year-round-glow is costing him money as it transfers onto his beds.

"It has been quite successful because three years ago we had 220 mattress covers ruined, but this year that's dropped to 147," Mr Harris said. "There is a high percentage of females out of the 400 students we house, so the incidents were much higher, and you could see the fake tanning products in nearly every room," he added.

However, he admitted that he doesn't see the problem being eradicated totally until the current trend for fake tanning passes.