14/08/2014 13:03 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Summer With Piriton

Mike Kemp

This year we're celebrating summer with an exciting new channel from Parentdish created in partnership with Piriton.

What does summer mean for you? Sandy toes, freckled noses, ice cream cones, your child's sun cream scented and slightly sticky skin, flip flops, water fights, the scent of mown grass, picnics, strawberries and lazy deck chair lounging.

I love long, languid summer evenings, when dusk slowly tips into dark and my children's faces are lit up with health and happiness. We could be camping in Dorset or eating outdoors in our strip of garden but for me, summer equals contentment.

Even before the summer term ends (yes, I know you lucky families in Scotland are already enjoying your summer holidays!), that extra evening time gives life a gentler pace - time to unkink from the rigid routine of school-home-sleep and enjoy family life.

Here, we'll be celebrating summer with inspiration for spoily days out and suggestions for simpler pleasures like building a den or games to play on a family walk. We've got easy and healthy picnic ideas and barbecue recipes - I do love a barbie, especially if I'm not the one getting hot and bothered over the flames. And we have advice on how to keep your children happy and healthy all summer long - from tips to avoiding sunburn to ways to dodge the pollen count.

Of course, Parentdish wouldn't be the site you love if we didn't also sprinkle a few grains of gritty realism over this sunny view - read our A - Z of summer for all the fun, not forgetting the frustrations of six weeks (SIX WEEKS!) of summer holidays.

So make sure you enjoy this summer and build a memory bank of golden family days to warm you through the winter and autumn.

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