14/08/2014 16:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Surviving Teenagers: Why Teenagers Are Like Their Grandparents

Surviving teenagers: Why teenagers are like their grandparents

We had a family gathering at the weekend. My generation was rushing around like demented bluebottles. The generations either side were smiley and relaxed.

And suddenly I realised that teenagers are very like their grandparents. This is because:

1. Both of them are awake in the early hours. The grandparents are getting up. The teenagers are going to bed.

2. Neither eat fruit. Grandparents aren't sure their teeth will cope with crispy apples. Teenagers don't know what fruit is.

3. Both drink a lot of tea....

4. ...and are very fond of family pets....

5. ...and are quite partial to the odd tipple...

6....and enjoy cut-price cinema tickets....

7. ...wear elasticated trousers...

8. ...and believe politicians are full of hot air and out of touch with reality.

9. Both of them watch TV during the day.

10. Both of them eat a lot of biscuits.

11. Teenagers spend hours on the phone. As do their grandparents.

12. Grandparents are always on the look-out for cheap deals. They don't want to waste their money. Teenagers are also keen on cheap deals. Because they don't have any money.

13. Grandparents, as they get older, tend to trip up more easily because they're less steady on their feet. Teenagers, as they get older, tend to trip up more easily because they've spent too long in the pub.

14. Grandparents like going on holiday with their friends. So do teenagers. It's just that the destinations tend to be slightly different (more Ibiza than Bournemouth).

15. Both of them have a lot to say (good and bad) about the generation in between (um – that's you).

No wonder teenagers love their grans and granddads. They have so much in common.