14/08/2014 12:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Taxi Driver Killed Eight-Year-Old Girl As His Wife Was Giving Birth

Taxi driver killed eight-year-old girl as his wife gave birth to his own daughter

A taxi driver abducted and killed an eight-year-old girl as his wife was giving birth to his own daughter.

In an unbelievably despicable crime, Anatoliy Trapko, 28, kidnapped Nastya Lutsishina after offering to show her a kitten.

As hundreds of volunteers searched for her, his wife Svetlana, 30, was giving birth to his daughter at a hospital in Ussuriisk, Russia.

Trapko stabbed the girl twice, then hid her body. He said he did not have time to visit his wife and new daughter before he was arrested.

Russian police said he confessed to the attempted rape and stabbing of the eight-year-old who went missing after her physical education class finished 10 minutes early.

Nastya set off on a 110-yard walk home from her track and field training, but Trapko persuaded her to get into his car by offering to show her a kitten. He drove her nine miles outside the city before attacking her.

Police were able to trace Trapko thanks to dashboard cameras which have become popular with Russian drivers.

Vladimir Markin, spokesman for the Russian investigation, said: "An eyewitness had seen the taxi driver talking to the girl, and a driver had footage showing her getting into his car."