14/08/2014 16:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Taylor Swift's Fashion Fail: White Dress + Black Tights + Boater Hat

When you're a pop princess a la Taylor Swift, Sundays are all about shopping in Barney's in New York. A gal's gotta bag a few new season updates - yes, the all important Autumn/Winter coat is a big deal.

So, Taylor has her onstage/red carpet glamour sussed, but the weekend wares are a little bit hit and miss. Take this look - the burgundy boater hat, the white shirt dress - so far, so good. But then the opaque pattern tights and lace up brogues/jazz shoes verred towards fashion faux pas territory.


Autumn/Winter is all about a good brogue (especially when height is already on side) but a high denier tight is THE secret to mastering a winning outfit.

The burgundy hat and side-swept ponytail combo? They were bang on trend.

It was confirmed that 23 year-old Swift will be starring in The Giver alongside Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes and Brenton Thwaites this week - she's going all movie star on us, so stay tuned for shots of Swift on set - filming starts October 7th!

In the meantime take a click through this photo gallery of gorgeous pics of Swift...

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