Teacher And 10 Pupils Get Electric Shocks From Primary School Fence

A teacher and 10 pupils received electric shocks from a fence after a freak accident caused a power cut.

The teacher was 'blown backwards' after touching the school fence while investigating reports from tearful children that they had received shocks from it during their lunch break.

The teacher and children, aged between seven and 11, at Briercliffe County Primary School in Burnley, Lancashire, were treated for minor injuries.

The teacher - understood to be the deputy head - was taken to the Royal Blackburn Hospital to be treated for burns on her hands and forearms, along with four other pupils accompanied by their parents.

Worried parents who arrived before the end of the day after learning of the incident on Facebook found their children had been evacuated to the playground.

One parent said: "We didn't have a clue what was going on. Someone said that the children involved had been taken to hospital and that the teacher had touched it and it blew her backwards."

It's though the fence became live after a power cut.

Headteacher Rob Blanchet said: "It is too early to say exactly what happened. The cause of the problem is currently being investigated by the electricity company.

"We are receiving support from safety experts and colleagues from Lancashire County Council and other organisations."