Teacher Sacked For Calling Pupils 'Feral' And 'Cowface' On Twitter

A teacher has been sacked after she called one pupil 'cowface' and labelled others 'feral' on Twitter.

Lauren Rose, 30, was working as a supply teacher at Ifield Community College in Crawley, West Sussex, when she posted the offensive comments.

Using the now deleted Twitter name @JewPrincess83, she said: "Not sure I have the energy (or desire) to teach feral kids all day. The f*** is wrong with Crawley children?"

In another she said: "You wouldn't believe the cowface I taught yesterday! Or didn't, as she was swiftly kicked out of the class."

Rose also posted a picture of a pupil's work, saying 'Douchey year 8 thinks this is an acceptable amount of work to have produced in 8 whole weeks'.

The teacher, who calls herself a 'subtly charming troublemaker' online, has protected her tweets since she was put under investigation.

When one Twitter user described that tweet as 'unethical' Rose replied: "Then I'll deal with the consequences."

Richard Cowper, the school principal, said Rose been sacked with immediate effect.

He said: "We feel the comments are totally inappropriate and bring the college and teaching profession in to disrepute. As a result we have taken full and immediate disciplinary action."

He added: "We take unprofessional use of social media sites very seriously."

Laura Fitch, whose younger sisters go to the school, said she had emailed a complaint about the tweets.

She said: "I am disappointed that a teacher appears to have used social media in this way.

"I know social media is still in its infancy but people in positions of responsibility have to take accountability for what they write.

"If that was one of my children that had their work posted online with comments about the level of work, I would be horrified."

One parent, who asked not to be named, said: "Teachers have to be so careful what they write on social media. One slip and you're in trouble, but to be honest if you call a pupil cowface and the rest of them feral you are hardly likely to keep your job for long."

Rose has refused to explain her actions, but said: "The kids at ICC are lovely, and really growing into their personalities. It's a good school and the staff do a great job."