14/08/2014 16:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Teen Banned From Prom For Bad Attendance And Behaviour - So Mum Rings Children's Services To Complain!

Teen banned from prom for bad attendance and behaviour - so mum rings children's services to complain!

A teenage girl was left in tears at the school gate after she was banned from attending her prom for her bad behaviour record.

Beauty queen Lurelle Bancroft, 16, from Manchester arrived for her prom in a fancy £300 frock, despite warnings from her teachers that she would not be allowed in.

She claims reaching the Miss Teen Great Britain finals had given the school a good name,regardless of her behaviour and attendance, and arrived regardless of the warnings which were first issued back in March.

In order to attend the prom at Buile Hill Visual Arts College in Salford, pupils needed 80 points from a behaviour scheme. Lurelle's attendance and behaviour record only gave her 28 points.

She was one of three pupils refused entry to the prom.

Feeling sorry for her daughter, Lurelle's mum Candice Bancroft, 36, rang Salford Children's Services to try and get them to overturn the school's decision, claiming her daughter had been 'victimised'. They were, naturally, unable to help.

She said: "I know others who were told they couldn't go were allowed in but for some reason my daughter was different.

"To actually leave her stood there in her prom dress, crying, heart broken, in front of all the mums and dads, the teachers, the public and all her friends in their prom dresses, is disgusting. She was stood there on her own, distraught - and then she had to walk away while they shut the gate behind her."

Speaking to local press, Lurelle said: "I deserved to be there. Over the last year I've raised money for charity and represented the school as Miss Teen Salford and I've given the school a good name. In the end all I could do was cry my eyes out, I was so distressed."

But the school's headmaster, James Inman, stood by the school's decision, he told reporters: "After consultation with the students at the start of the academic year, they decided that it was a privilege to attend the prom and a policy based on good achievement, attendance, punctuality and behaviour over the school year was introduced.

"Lurelle was given two written prom warnings which she ripped up and told staff that her mum had told her not to accept them.

"On 8th October 2012 Lurelle was warned that her current poor behaviour would result in exclusion from the prom. She requested a prom invitation on 11th March but was informed she did not meet the criteria so was not invited.

"Lurelle requested a prom invitation on 10th April but this was denied too. To date no written complaint has been received. Her mother rang several times on the weeks leading up to the prom but she was told Lurelle was not permitted to attend.

"Criteria was not just attendance but behaviour and attendance combined. The level of behaviour points set was 80 Lurelle got 68. Lurelle's combined attendance and behaviour points were 28."

What do you think? A good lesson that stamping your feet gets you nowhere, and hard work does, or was the school too harsh?