14/08/2014 12:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Teen Filmed Himself Torturing Mouse In Bid To Impress Girl

Teen filmed himself torturing mouse in bid to impress girl

As a way of impressing the ladies it takes some beating for its, er, originality.

For when 19-year-old Andre Yankey wanted to woo the object of his desires, he decided that flowers and chocolates wouldn't quite cut the mustard – so he filmed himself sawing a mouse in half instead! Hmmm, not quite Mills & Boon, is it?

The teenager could now face jail after his home horror movie so appalled the girl in question that she alerted the RSPCA.

The footage showed Yankey, from Paddington, west London, using a power tool to slice the animal open and drill into its eye.

The teenager, who claims he made the video when he was just 16, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a protected (domesticated) animal at Westminster Magistrates' Court.

Prosecutor Wendy Gutteridge warned the court of the graphic nature of the video, saying: "Once seen, the video can't be unseen. The video clearly shows Mr Yankey using a handheld grinder to purposely injure and torture a live mouse."

She said the gruesome one and a half minute clip shows Yankey at his home with a mouse he has caught on a humane glue trap.

Ms Gutteridge continued: "Mr Yankey is seen brandishing a handheld Dremel multi-tool, he faces the camera and explains how he is a mouse killer.

"He says: 'Mice want to f****** coming into my house, they get terminated with the blade of doom'."

Yankey then cuts open the mouse, drills into its eye, causing blood to spurt out across the room.

"The mouse is clearly still conscious and is frantically trying to free itself." said Ms Gutteridge.

"Mr Yankey is clearly seen to be enjoying himself, saying 'grind that b****, cut that b**** right open'.

"After around one minute and 15 seconds, the mouse ceases to move any further."

Yankey was caught when he sent the video to Virginie Lambertucci, via social media Whatsapp, boasting: "This is what happens when a mouse comes into my house."

But Ms Lambertucci was so repulsed by what she saw, she called the RSPCA and blocked Yankey's number in her phone.

"She was so traumatised by the video she was unable to sleep, and sent the video to the RSPCA." said Ms Gutteridge.

"She was so distressed and sickened by the video that she told Yankey not to contact her again."

Yankey was arrested on February 5 this year and admitted torturing the mouse when he first moved into his west London flat in 2010.

"He said he felt like a 'complete fool'," said Ms Gutteridge.

"He said he wanted to kill the mouse and conceded it would have caused pain and suffering.

"He said once he had killed the mouse, he threw it in the bin along with the glue mat and his trainers.

"He had a mouse problem when he moved in, and he hated mice."

District Judge Elizabeth Roscoe warned Yankey he could face jail as a result of his conviction, and adjourned sentencing for reports on him to be prepared. He was released on unconditional bail until sentencing at the same court on August 21.