14/08/2014 16:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Teen Robbed At Cash Machine - By Classmate's MUM!

Teen robbed at cash machine - by classmate's MUM!

When 17-year-old Blair McCarron was mugged at a cash machine she was understandably shocked.

But that was nothing compared to her shock when she recognised the person who tried to rob her: her classmate's MUM!

Blair McCarron, of Deltona, Florida, returning to her car after stopping by a Bank of America ATM when she was grabbed from behind and had her face smashed into the steering wheel.

But as the attack continued, the teen recognised the suspected mugger was classmate's mother, Tammy Perras, 45, and shouted her name.

The mother then stopped the assault - and Blair gave Perras $5 to get rid of her.

On the 911 call released by police, the victim described the assault, saying: "She grabbed me by the back of my head and hits my head on the steering wheel, and she tries to, like, jump in the car with me."

Blair told police that as Perras struck her, she threatened to kill the girl and steal all her belongings.

At that moment, however, the teen turned around. "I kicked her off me, and I realised it my friend's mom," she said.

The mother then allegedly tried to convince Blair not to press charges against her, insisting that the entire incident was a 'joke'.

She then told her that her daughter was unemployed and she needed money to buy diapers for her grandchild.

But Blair said: "I'm a mom and I'm working two jobs, seven days a week to support my kid and you're not going to come try to take something that I am working for."

Perras fled from the scene, but was tracked down by deputies to a convenience store where she was taken into custody.

Police recovered the $5 bill, which Perras took out of her bra, and returned it to its rightful owner.