14/08/2014 12:57 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Teenage Mum Sold Baby On Facebook For £68

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Teenager sold baby on Facebook

A teenager has been arrested after she sold her baby on Facebook for £68.

The shocking story emerged from Chile where the 18-year-old's mother and sister have been accused of helping her with the sale. The alleged buyers were also arrested.

Veronica Carrera Chaparro discovered she was pregnant in February but only told her then 17-year-old boyfriend, swearing him to secrecy.

But he told Veronica's mum who then gave her daughter three options.

Police chief Miguel Ampuero said the teenager was told: "Sell it, abort it or give it up for adoption."

The as yet unborn baby was put up for sale on Facebook and attracted immediate interest.

A family from the Santiago neighbourhood of Puente Alto then got in touch, and offered to pay the child's £1,135 formal registration fees.

The baby was eventually born on November 4 and the following day the husband of the buyer allegedly paid 60,000 Chilean Pesos (£68) to the birth mother.

Judge Ernesto Silva said the case was 'very serious' but under Chilean law it is 'not a crime to offer over the internet the delivery of a newborn – even though financial compensation is offered'.

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