14/08/2014 16:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Teenage Party Shared On Facebook: 150 In Stand-Off With Police

Teenagers party gatecrashed by 150 uninvited guests after details were shared on Facebook

A teenage girl's party turned into scenes of chaos when 150 gatecrashers attempted to rampage through her family's three-bedroom home after details were shared on Facebook.

Annest Lois, 18, was hosting a do for a dozen friends at her home in the tiny village of Felinheli near Bangor, Gwynedd while her parents were on holiday.

As news of the bash spread on Facebook, 150 uninvited guests turned up. Police were called sparking disturbances in the street in which a police woman was attacked and a patrol car damaged.

The Daily Mail reports that the police were called to a 'large scale disturbance' at Annest's home, and officers used CS gas to deal with the crowds.

Annest told reporters that she accepts she is to blame, but insisted she had only invited a dozen friends to the party.

"It's my fault. I opened the door," she said. "We tried to stop so many coming. There were too many people to keep control. We just wanted about 12 people. Everybody got to know about it."

Her neighbours claim there were so many would-be-revellers trying to get into the house that they blocked the main road through the village.

Teenagers party gatecrashed by 150 uninvited guests after details were shared on Facebook

Local resident John Williams said scenes turned ugly when attempts were made to move the party-goers on.

"The street was full of people. There must have been about 150 of them - and they were very boisterous," he said. "About 10 police cars came to try to move them but things got unruly and scuffles broke out."

Annest's family confirmed that the gatecrashers had heard about the party through Facebook. Her grandmother, Carol Williams, said that most of them were unable to make it into the house because there just wasn't room. She added that despite the numbers, nothing had been damaged in the home.

"Drinks were spilled on the floor but it's not trashed, the police were called before anything serious happened," she said.

Annest has now reportedly promised her parents that she will not throw any more parties.

Police said six males have been arrested over the incident and two have been charged, one with causing criminal damage to a police vehicle, and one with a public order offence. A 22-year-old man has received a fixed penalty, and an 18-year-old received a caution over public order offences.

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