Teenager Told He Is Too Young To Buy KFC Chicken

A 13-year-old boy was turned away from a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, because staff said he was too young to buy chicken.

Jake Butterworth wanted to buy food for himself and his eight-year-old brother, Wade, but staff at the Manchester branch of KFC refused to serve him because they said they were worried he would 'throw food' and 'mess about.'

"I was in shock," Jake told The Sun. "I only wanted a Mega Box but they wouldn't let me. There were kids when I went in not eating anything and refusing to move."

Jake tried to explain to staff that he was not with the other children in the restaurant, but they still refused to give him his order, because he was under 18.

The boys' father Mike, 43, an engineer, had asked Jake to pick up some food because he was going to be late coming home from work that evening. He was shocked by the way KFC workers treated his sons.

He said: "What if McDonald's started to turn kids away - it's ridiculous."

A KFC spokesman has since apologised and offered Jake's family a meal on the house.

He explained: "We are sorry to hear about Jake's experience, however the restaurant staff have had to deal with a number of incidents of anti-social behaviour relating to unaccompanied young people over the past year.

"'This has forced them to make decisions like this on the spot. We are currently working with the police and local council on how to best manage this, and we'd love to get in touch with Jake's family personally to welcome them back into the restaurant for a meal on the house."