14/08/2014 12:48 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Terrified Four-Year-Old Dragged By Bus

Four-year-old 'dragged along road by bus'

Police in Peterborough are investigating claims that a little girl was dragged along the road by a bus after trapping her leg in its doors.

Four-year-old Armani Ennajhi was reportedly boarding the Citi 1 bus when the doors suddenly closed on her and the vehicle moved.

Her mum Nassim Ennajhi, 23, told Peterborough Today that the bus then travelled for about three metres before the driver stopped, causing the little girl to fall sideways and bang her head on the pavement.

Armani was taken in an ambulance to Peterborough City Hospital where she was treated for minor injuries to her leg and head.

Mrs Ennajhi said she was 'disgusted' that the driver didn't apologise to her or her daughter.

"It was horrific. I had visions of her legs breaking," she said.

Stagecoach, the company which operates the route, said they were 'aware' of the incident and were currently undertaking a full investigation. The company confirmed that the driver involved was still at work.

A police spokesman said that officers had spoken to witnesses and the family and that their investigations into the accident were ongoing.