14/08/2014 12:42 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Terry Richardson Allegedly Offered Model Emma Appleton Vogue Shoot For Sex

Terry Richardson allegedly offered British model Emma Appleton the opportunity to work on a shoot he was doing for Vogue in return for sex.

The model, originally from Oxfordshire and represented by D1, has been working in the industry for five years and tweeted the following message which she says was sent to her from the controversial photographer.

Twitter/Emma Appleton

Appleton later deleted the tweet and her Twitter account to avoid "abuse and attention" but did post the following message on her Instagram account.

A spokesperson for Richardson has denied he sent the message, stating to The Cut: "This is obviously a fake. Terry did not send this text."

Meanwhile, communications director for Vogue Hildy Kuryk told BuzzFeed: "We have no plans to work with him in the future."

Terry Richardson

This is just another allegation about the nature in which Richardson does business, following numerous others made by models who have felt exploited or abused by his methods.

The photographer addressed these accusations in March with a Huffington Post blog, writing: "I collaborated with consenting adult women who were fully aware of the nature of the work, and as is typical with any project, everyone signed releases. I have never used an offer of work or a threat of rebuke to coerce someone into something that they did not want to do.

"Believing such rumours at face value does a disservice not only to the spirit of artistic endeavour, but most importantly, to the real victims of exploitation and abuse."

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