14/08/2014 16:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Tesco Staff Deliver Baby In Store

Tesco fresh produce manager delivers baby in store

Mum-of-three Chanelle Mackay left her local Tesco supermarket with more than she bargained for after a recent shopping trip – a new baby!

Chanelle went in to labour in the Rainham store, and staff rushed to her aid, assisting with the delivery of her baby girl.

The Romford Recorder reports that 25-year-old Chanelle had just finished shopping with four-year-old son Alfie and 15-month-old daughter Frankie when her contractions started at around 8.30pm – two weeks ahead of her due date.

Fresh produce manager Natasha Hunt helped Chanelle into a wheelchair and went in search of a first aider, but Chanelle's contractions became so strong, the emergency services were called.

As her labour rapidly progressed, Chanelle was taken into an office, as the 999 operator talked Natasha through the delivery process. Her colleague Rachel Wright delivered little Demi at 9.20pm as Natasha relayed the phone instructions.

Demi weighed 6lbs 6oz, and both she and her mum were fit and well.

"Popping into my local Tesco, I never dreamed I'd be leaving holding my new-born baby girl in my arms," Chanelle told the paper. "Out of nowhere I [started] having full-on contractions and needed to push. Without the Tesco staff who were with us that night, I don't know what I would've done."

Chanelle later returned to the store with Demi to show her off to her 'midwives'

"I want to thank Natasha for getting me into a wheelchair, calling an ambulance and getting somebody to watch my four-year-old son Alfie and 15-month-old daughter Frankie," she told the staff. "Above all, we will be forever grateful to Rachel, who was my guardian angel that night and delivered my beautiful daughter."

"Rachel wrapped her up and held her close to me so the cord was kept warm and safe until the ambulance arrived about five minutes later. She will always be a part of my daughter's life and deserves a very big reward for being an amazing member of Tesco staff! A big thank you to all who helped that night."