14/08/2014 16:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The $189,000 Ferrari Bracelet That Gets You Into Any Club In The World

Imagine a wristband that gets you into any nightclub in the world. Okay, access to the most exclusive party spots might not be everyone's dream, but for those who want to bring out their inner Rihanna, Ferrari has created such a thing. The catch? It's not free.

In fact, the bracelet costs $189,000 (around £115,000.) You really would have to party like a rockstar to even try and get value for money.


Tech site Recode confirmed that Miami based design company Christophe & Cohas has partnered with Ferrari's design team Pininfarina to create the device.

As well as granting entry to the swankiest of clubs, from the Monte Carlo Beach Club in Abu Dhabi to the VIP club in Paris, there are other benefits of wearing the bracelet.

With the press of a button, your favourite drink will be ordered to your table. Recode also reports that "a different button will place a call through a companion mobile app to a round-the-clock 'dedicated lifestyle manager.'" Nice.

Although there are no pictures of the cleverest bracelet in the world just yet, the final design is said to "include gems." (The more gems it has, the more expensive it gets. Obviously.)

So - fancy snapping up the latest luxury? Aleksandr Bernhard, the man behind the bracelet, has said it will be available this summer.

Vegas here we come! On second thoughts, think we'll make do with a drink down the pub.

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