The Best Food To Eat When You're Pregnant

Pregnant woman eating
Pregnant woman eating

Eating for two during pregnancy is less about doubling your calorie intake (damnit!) and more about boosting your nutrient supplies to help with the development of your baby – as well as keeping you fit and healthy throughout the pregnancy, of course.

That said, you will need to increase your calorie intake further down the line. It is recommended that women consume an additional 340 calories a day during the second trimester and 450 calories a day in the third.

In addition to supplying your baby with the necessary nutrients for healthy growth and development, research also suggests that what we eat during pregnancy can have an effect on our baby's food preferences outside of the womb. So teaching your baby good eating habits could start earlier than you think!

This is all the more reason to avoid alcohol, caffeine and large quantities of refined sugar and processed foods. Click here for the full list of foods you should avoid eating during pregnancy, published by the NHS.

Below are 10 of the best store cupboard superfoods, packed with pregnancy-friendly nutrients to keep mother and baby healthy from conception to birth.