14/08/2014 16:48 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Boy Who Can't Stop Smiling

The boy who can't stop smiling

James Edgar lights up people's lives because he has a smile for everyone.

But behind the 11-year-old's laughter is a secret heartache – for the youngster is actually suffering from a rare condition that leaves him almost permanently laughing and looking happy.

James has Angelman Syndrome - a rare brain condition known as Happy Puppet Syndrome – which leaves him unable to speak.

But he bring happiness wherever he goes, says his mum Rachel Martin, from Caenarfon, North Wales.

She said: "James is such a happy, lovable, cuddly child.

"He had brought immense joy and happiness to our family and while I would happily take away the challenges he faces in life I wouldn't change him."

Sadly, James's condition means he requires constant supervision and he suffers from development delay and seizures.

Rachel said: "He may appear happy, but he does feel other emotions, even if he doesn't show it."

James lives at home with his mum and three siblings Alexandria, 15, Zac, seven, and Beth, six.

Although he can't speak, an iPad enables him to feel part of the family.

"His favourite site is YouTube - he can spend all day on it," said his mum.