14/08/2014 16:39 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Bra That 'Protects' From Sexual Harassment - A Good Idea Or A Useless Gadget?

Looking for a new and high-tech way to ward off unwanted sexual advances? In the market for a bra that only unclasps for, like some weird Disney movie, true love's kiss? No? Well you can now buy one anyway.

true love tester

Introducing the True Love Tester Bra by Japanese lingerie company Ravijour, a techy bra developed to "save women" from would-be sexual harassment. The chastity-belt for your boobs is said to sense when a woman is overcome with amorous feelings, only then will the clasp unlock.

While this brings into question what on earth would happen if you popped the brassiere on and never felt loved up - would you ever be able to take it off? - we guess it could be of use to someone, somewhere.

According to Ravijour the smart bra comes kitted out with a hidden sensor, which is synced up via Bluetooth to an app on the owner's phone. The app analyses heart rate, and when the wearer's heart rate hits a specified point (aka the "true love" zone) the bra unhooks on its own.

The undergarment, created, FYI, by two blokes, claims to protect women from sexual harassment but we really fail to see how one's bra staying on has any impact on unwanted sexual attention.

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