14/08/2014 12:58 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

The First Week In The Life Of Simon Cowell's Baby Eric

Alison Jackson/Rex

Often, over a cup of tea last week, our minds drifted to wondering what the first seven days of life must have been like for Simon Cowell's baby son Eric (no, seriously, we did!).

Aside from constantly being cuddled and kissed by his besotted multi-millionaire dad, what else would that little lad have been up to?

We saw him leaving hospital and going to the beach (!) with dad and mum Lauren Silverman, , but what goes on behind the closed doors of the Britain's Got Talent boss's ivory tower?

Well, we need wonder no more – for the answers have been provided in these gently mocking photos created by the brilliant photographer Alison Jackson and some quite fantastic double-take lookalikes.

Alison, who has made a career out of imagineering what celebrities and Royals get up to away from the prying eyes of us mere mortals, dreamed up several scenes from little Eric's first week.

Alison Jackson/Rex

In one, the newborn steals the limelight from his famously vain father, being cooed over by a gaggle of admirers including Sinitta as Simon hovers on the sidelines.

In another, the little prince is a chip off the old block, wearing a high-waisted romper suit, Cuban-heeled booties and deep V-neck matinee jackets.

Simon is going to ensure that a good night's sleep takes priority – his own, that is: while Eric snoozes with his mum, dad will be next door, in his own sound-proofed boudoir.

And in one of the most hilarious shots, Simon enjoys bathtime with Eric by showing him toy versions of the real life playthings he can look forward to: the yachts, the planes, the high-performance cars.

Yep, baby Eric has the '£££ Factor'!