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The MAD Blog Awards Sponsored By Parentdish.Co.Uk

The MAD Blog Awards sponsored by

* More than 1,000 blogs were nominated in this year's MAD Blog Awards.

* During a period of six weeks this spring, more than 150,000 nominations and votes were cast.

* Seventy six finalists were chosen.

And this week, the parent blogging community gathers at the annual MAD Blog Awards to find out which blogs will win the coveted MAD Blog Awards trophies. The Parentdish team will be at the ceremony at the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington to support the finalists (and perhaps sneak the odd glass of champagne).

The MAD Blog Awards is about more than trophies, though. It's a celebration of the extraordinary stories and achievements of very ordinary mums and dads.

The finalists include bloggers who are raising children facing enormous physical and emotional challenges. There are families who break moulds, and encourage us to look at the world through different eyes. We share stories about families doing extraordinary things and inspiring whole communities.

Many of the finalists are gifted writers and photographers. Their blogs are a riot of compelling words and pictures, spilling joy from every post. A parent blogger can make you laugh, make you cry, or inspire you to change the way you live. It's powerful stuff.

What we've learned from four years of running the MAD Blog Awards is that ordinary life and ordinary families are worth celebrating. That there's great craft and skill in capturing your family life, and sharing that story with the world, online.

If you'd like to discover this year's MAD Blog Awards finalists, why not click through some of the links below?

You can follow the awards LIVE on our live blog, which will be available via our website ( If you're on Twitter, you can also follow @madblogawards for regular photos and updates from our awards ceremony.

The MAD Blog Awards 2013 Finalists

MAD Blog of the Year

Frugal Queen
Imagination Tree
Mammy Woo
The Future's Rosie
Take Her Home Now

Best Blog Writer

Best Dad I Can Be
Gammon and Chips
Mammy Woo
Take Her Home Now
Trying my Patients

Best Baby Blog

Crazy with Twins
Dear Beautiful
Little Tin Bird
My Two Mums
Mutterings of a Fool

Best Pregnancy Blog

Mum 2 Baby Insomniac
Mummy Daddy and Me
Susan K Mann
The Mummy Adventure
Working Berlin Mum

Best Family Travel Blog

All the Camping Gear
Jetlag and Mayhem
Mums do Travel
Mum's Gone To
The Family Adventure Project

Best New Blog

Best Dad I Can Be
Feeding my Intolerant Child
Just a Normal Mummy
The Future's Rosie
The Radford Family

Best Family Life Blog

Adventures of an Unfit Mother
Fly Lula
Soft Thistle
The Radford Family

Best Craft Blog

Capture by Lucy
Me and my Shadow
My Little 3 and Me
Rainy Day Mum
The Imagination Tree

Best Food Blog

A Mummy Too
Cakes Photos Life
Frugal Queen
Gourmet Mum
The Curry Guy

Most Innovative Blog

Geek Mummy
Science Sparks

Best MAD Blog for Family Fun

Coombe Mill Blog
Family Four Fun
Gammon and Chips
The Boy and Me

Best Fashion & Beauty Blog

Fashion Detective
Maggie Stone
Side Street Style
Style Me Sunday
Transatlantic Blonde

Best Thrifty Blog

Baby Budgeting
Fly Lula
Frugal Family
Frugal Queen
Mortgage Free in Three

Best Schooldays Blog

Actually Mummy
But Why Mummy Why
Mum of Three World
Raisie Bay
Thinly Spread

Most Entertaining Blog

Goodbye Pert Breasts
Mama Bear with Me
Mothering Frights
The Kraken Wakes
The Only Way is Melbourne

Best Blog Photography

Capture by Lucy
Little Ruby Loves
Mummy Daddy Me
The Boy and Me

Outstanding Contribution Award

Alexander Residence
Childcare is Fun
Dorky Mum
Downs Side Up
Kate on Thin Ice
Mummy from the Heart
Not Even A
Patch of Puddles
Thinly Spread