14/08/2014 12:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Perfect Campsite

I have been driving myself crazy searching for a campsite or two for our summer holidays in Cornwall. I know, I know, I have left it rather late and boy it shows.

It would be a lie to say that all campsites in Cornwall are booked up. No doubt some of the sprawling megasites with lines of trimmed pristine pitches, gleaming bathrooms and well kept concrete paths do have space. There are so many of them it is hard to imagine that they ever all get filled up. However, the kind of campsite that I like are few and far between and almost without exception FULLY BOOKED for the summer holidays.

Now, this tells me something, doesn't it you? And these thoughts have sent me into a reverie of imagining how my own perfect campsite will one day be. There will be views but also sheltered spots, there will be beautiful woodland and fabulous walks directly from the campsite.

There might be composting toilets but there will also be a few really good showers with enough space to get changed and plenty of hooks. There will be a washing up area with a view and a roof but open to the elements.

There will be huge pitches with some privacy provided by lovely stone walls with wild flowers growing in them or banks of tall unmown meadow grass. They will be flat.

There will be standpipes with a proper soakaway so it doesn't get all muddy.

There will be lovely little rustic hand painted or chalk and slate signs so you know where everything is.

There will be space.

Of course there will be good generous sized fire pits, bounded by rocks, perhaps with a handy grill to cook on.

There will be stream, or fast flowing shallow river. The sea might be nearby.

There will be a little shop selling good stuff like local meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, free range eggs, and string and kites and homemade cake.

There will be a few hideaway places to stay, like a treehouse, or a shepherd's hut or a yurt. Sorry, but there will be no caravans. (Except maybe those cute little teardop ones.)

There will be natural things for children to play on. And ropeswings, scary ones over streams, gentle ones for the smallest and hidden ones to reward the adventurous spirit.

I will run outdoor activities in the woods and by the stream for the children, to give the parents a break. He will run bushcraft courses for the older kids and adults, and make campsite furniture in his workshop.

And of course it will be FULLY BOOKED.

Oh what bliss it will be. (I'll get someone else to clean the loos).

Well, would you come? Have I missed anything?

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