14/08/2014 16:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Perfect Family Day Out - Formula Revealed

Formula for stress free family days out revealed

It's what we are all striving for throughout the summer hols - the perfect family day out, with no tears, no tantrums and no mega-rows - and that's just from mum and dad.

Now, a boffin has come up with the perfect formula for what makes for a stress-free family excursion - and we are all ears.

Dr Geoff Rolls from Southampton University says the perfect day out should involve a car journey of no more than 100 miles, and a destination that appeals to the whole family.

Speaking to the Telegraph Dr Rolls says that children should be included in the preparations for the trip and given specific jobs that are fun and offer some responsibility.

And to avoid mealtime meltdowns, his perfect recipe for a family picnic is simply to pack it in advance and stop to eat it at a planned but 'picturesque' point to break up the journey.

To put a stop to the never-ending wails of 'are we there yet' emitting from the backseat, Dr Rolls says that all passengers should be entertained en route. He suggests computer games, new music downloaded specially for trip, a book that someone has been meaning to read, or tuning in to a radio programme you do not usually listen to as the best ways to ward off the beast of boredom.

He also suggests families 'brush up on traditional travel games' to enjoy on the journey - eye-spy anyone?

And to make sure there are no disasters once on the road, Dr Rolls says parents should check the vehicle over before leaving, and plan alternative routes in case of travel disruption.

"We remember the extraordinary rather than the mundane and so a memorable day trip is important for recharging the batteries and for our psychological well-being," he said.

"With proper preparation the risks can be substantially reduced and the likelihood that the day out will live up to expectations greatly increased. A truly memorable day trip could be closer than you think and needn't break the bank."

What are your top tips?

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