14/08/2014 12:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Printed Media

The Printed Media

I've considered writing this for a little, while but the horrible events over the last day or so have brought this back into my mind.

The horrible events are of course the appalling daylight murder of the young father of one Lee Rigby, the active soldier who was going about his daily business. I am not here to go over what happened as I'm sure we've all seen the news and followed it on Twitter.

My problem is the various newspapers printing their papers with the front covered in images of the two suspected murders covered in blood and holding weapons. I know these images are available online, or all over the news, but these are things I, as a parent of young children, can control.

I won't have the news on while the girls are around and they are too young to use the computer.

However I can't control the printed media, they plaster every paper with these images and the papers are normally the first thing you see in the shop and they are always at eye level. I can understand the photos being printed on the inside but is it needed to be on the front?

A while ago there was a campaign for 'lads' magazines to be covered over as the near naked women on the front offended. Which is fair enough but these front covers offend me much more than a near naked man or woman could ever do. Maybe we should start a campaign to get them to stop the offensive front pages?

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