14/08/2014 16:36 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Queen's Christmas Card Picture Revealed? (Could It Have Prince George In It?)

The Queen's royal Christmas card will be fronted with a photograph of her and her new great-grandson Prince George, say reports.

So here's the theory... We were all expecting to feast our eyes on a snap of Liz and baby George after the christening at St James' Palace earlier this month, right? But we never got to! *Confused face*.

Stay with us on this...

According to The Telegraph, royal christening photographer Jason Bell would've missed a perfect picture op if he'd indeed failed to capture Queenie with baba in arms.

"Of course, it is the obvious shot and I don't for one moment think that it didn't occur to Mr Bell to take it," a senior courtier told the paper. "I mean, the man is a professional, after all. All I can really say on this matter is: 'watch this space'."

It is said, Jason totally photographed the Queen holding Prince George, but the snap was held back from public release. Why? Liz herself wishes to publish the picture on her Christmas card this year. Cute.

A Palace spokesman said: "What will appear on the Queen's Christmas card this year can only be a subject for speculation at the present time. They have not yet been posted."