14/08/2014 12:41 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Spice Girls And Backstreet Boys' Joint Reunion Tour

You'll need to be sitting down for this. The Spice Girls are reportedly in talks for a joint world tour with the Backstreet Boys! Ermahgerd.

It seems our teenage dreams will finally come true.

spice girls

backstreet boys

"We are actually in early talks about maybe doing a world tour together with the Spice Girls," Brian Littrell from the B Boys told The Sun... But if it does happen it's pretty unlikely Victoria Beckham will count herself in.

According to reports, the Spice Girls are thought to be getting back together as a four piece - minus fashion mogul VB - to join Nick, AJ, Howie, Kevin and Brian on tour... And we reckon we're not the only ones willing to sink our entire pay cheque on tickets to this gig!

Baby Spice Emma Bunton recently joked that she'd consider a Vegas residency with the band - but only if they were paid more than Britney Spears.

Meanwhile, Sporty Spice Mel C hinted that the band would get together again in 2016 to mark the 20th anniversary of Wannabe.

This is just too much for our brains to handle right now, so let's just look at flashback pics of the gals...