14/08/2014 12:46 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

This Bra Will Get You Through The Heatwave

We're all feeling the effects of the heatwave right now, and while we're taking full advantage of actually having a British summertime - a sweaty boob situation is not ideal.

But fear not, Chantelle's ultra-light C Chic Sexy Spacer bra is how to keep your cool.

The French lingerie brand has designed a bra made of Spacer knit (the latest in absorbent fibre technology) which allows the skin to breathe when it's ridiculously hot outside.

It's like your classic t-shirt bra but with ventilation. It comes complete with crush-resistant cups so will survive being crammed into your suitcase and narrow multi-way straps so it's perfectly practical.

That really unattractive sweat dripping down your cleavage? No longer a thing when you're wearing one of these babies. They're completely light-weight and still give us ladies the support and comfort we ask of a good bra.

Not only that, there's a choice of five colours: black, white, nude, hot pink and aqua - plus they go up to a G cup.

So how much are we talking for this heatwave essential? They're retailing on for £44 and while that's a little more than your average bra, who wouldn't splash a bit of extra cash to avoid literally melting?

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